Animal Fur / Feather / Skin / Scale References

General / 11 October 2018

As i made a lot of photos from environment, i also love animal. Here is a random pick from my photo library for referencing animal. Might be useful for grooming, ideas about colour variations, composition / layout or mood.

Zenith 2.0 texture breakdown

Tutorial / 21 September 2018

Here is a quick overlook about how to build up your texture.
If you are not a well experienced texture artist, but love hard surface, here is a few quick tips, how to enhance your model.

Hope you can find it useful!

Environment - layout / mood / light / material / surface - photo references

Article / 03 September 2018

I ran across on AS and sadly experienced that most of the artworks are character based images. Which is nice, but In the industry there are way more environment works needed, than characters. I am sure that most of the Artists are doing portfolio and their artworks to get a job with it.

I would like to inspire the Artist to get some more interest about environment - generalist topics for artworks. I would share a few of my photo references with you from my latest visit back to my home. Hopefully you can get some inspiration!