Tower of Corruption - ReMastered
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Tower of Corruption - ReMastered

Did an alternate version to fix a lot of artistic mistake I proceed.


This is my latest artwork, the tower of corruption. Original image is 7K wide. It was a huge fight with the black level of this image, so many screens and devices..... aaand it should be OK with CMYK printing as well..

About the story: Under the icy mountains the lava cut out a huge cave and keep it warm and foggy. Huge mushroom grows next to trees and simple vegetation. A young nation found and occupied this area and live prosper. The forest proved everything for them.
On a sorrow day a levitating caste came from nowhere, Huge and terrific monsters ruined everything. Minor creatures starts to infecting the mushrooms, transform them glowing, dying giants. While it the forest emitting energy which needed for the creatures and it's master.

Hope you guys are like it!
Thanks for reading,

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