Zenith 2.0
Zenith 2.0

Based on Gabor Menyhart low poly model back in 2010 from the project we worked on together, i ve added some extra love for this one. If you like hard surface, you may can find some interesting surfaces around.

Was great to handle this one once more.

"The Zenith caste represent the Thelodican ideal: all things with efficiency, work an angle and make sure to hedge the margin. Their combat style is no less so: they stand back and direct things from the safety of their dampening technologies, allowing them to expend far less expensive resources than themselves on the road to victory. Both the Pelistals and the Nuimqol have come to respect the cool calculations of the Thelodican Zeniths, but neither side wants to become too heavily entangled: even other Thelodica know that you don’t want to owe the Zeniths a favor."


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